The Law does not mean just following or studying the tenth Commandments + 600 over written Commandments of Moses.  You may say “I don’t study those Commandments, thus I am not under Law?”  But, Can a Christian who professes to be under Grace and yet is living under the Law’s mentality or mindset?  Yes, possible, because the essence of Law is demanding “thou shall…” or “pointing you to look at yourself”.

Theologian & writer Watchman Nee in his book “Normal Christian life” defined Law as you’re doing something for God; and Grace as God is doing something for you.  If you are a person who feels God is demanding something from you, you feel you need to obey His commandments to please Him or you need to do something for God before God can do something for you; then you are still living under Law, and you’d grow old faster because of the stress, you may not have the abundant peace and joy of His Grace.

It is natural for a person living under DEMAND (law), because this is the principle of the world, we learn all through our life from the moment a child learns to walk, in school and in work place, all operate by “demand mentality” or “you have to do something before you can get something”, “you have to study well if you want to be successful”, “you have to work hard if you want to have bigger bonus” ; all by own merit.  It is not wrong, but it is just the system of this world.

In contrast, Grace is the opposite of whatever you learnt from the Law. It is Unnatural, and hard to understand, it is the product of the Heaven, not of this world.  You need Holy Spirit to understand Grace because it is too good to be true.  It is God who initiated and completed every good work for you (Heb 10:16-17), it is a total salvation & wholeness, not just salvation of going to Heaven, but also God is continuously doing something good for you while you are on earthAnd you only need to receive by Faith. (Remember: Faith is not work, but a posture of RESPONSE to God’s goodness, and Faith is the hand that receive from God)

The Law is also much like a nagging spouse or nagging parent, whom you have to live with.  Who would only point out your wrongs and mistakes, and yet render no assistance for you to walk right?.  I remembered counselling a married couple, the wife felt demanded to prepare breakfast every morning.  The coffee had to be precise amount of coffee powder, precise sugar sweetness, precise warmth; and any lesser she would receive nagging / condemnation.  She lived just to please and obey the husband, no real relationship, and yet the husband rendered no help in preparing the breakfast.  Like I said, the Law points out your wrongs but it cannot make you right (Rom 3:20); just like this nagging husband who demanded perfection, but rendered no help, and the poor wife was feeling condemned most of the time, for no one is perfect.  Until finally, she gave up “I’ve had enough”.


Let’s say another couple, the husband prepared the breakfast every morning, with precise requirements that the wife wanted, because he knew everything the wife wanted.  Every morning the wife only needs to wake up and enjoy the perfect serving of the breakfast, and she only needs to say “Thank you”.

The Bible says Jesus is our perfect bride groom; we are the church or His Bride.  He came to serve and not to be serve, He knew perfectly what we want.


Php 4:19  And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Note here: According to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, not according to our estimation of our own riches. And, how rich is our God? Can you estimate His riches? He created the whole Universe, my friend.

Eph 1:7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His Grace.  Likewise, in the forgiveness of our sins, God has forgiven us according to the riches of His Grace too, and not according to our own estimation of our sins.  And, how much is the riches of His Grace?  Can you measure God’s Grace?  His Grace value is the value of His own begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whom He loved, and yet He gave Him up for you and me.  That much God loves you, and has forgiven you all your sins, past, present, and future, from the day you’re born till the day you’d meet Jesus again.

My friend, not only God has FORGIVEN all your sins, He has FORGOTTEN all your sins too (Heb 8:12) and what God has forgotten, you’d better not remember anymore.  Everything has been done, finished, and completed on the cross, your total salvation, eternal salvation as well as total wholeness of health, wealth, peace, love, and joy; while you are still living on earth.  God just wants to bless us with His Grace, and Jesus died to give us freely His Grace, and all you are to do as a child of God, is only to receive what Jesus has done on the cross with a grateful heart.  This is living under Grace or Supply Mentality.  You may live under the demand condition of this world: your study is demanding from you, your boss may be demanding perfection of work, your spouse may be demanding obedience from you, your children may be demanding attention from you, your church may be demanding your service; but you can still live under Grace with the Supply mindset; that God has, will, and is supplying you with His Grace, provision, wisdom, solution, protection, riches… every time you need one, they are already there for you and continuously flowing for you, His Grace is always available for you.

Have this mentality and you will reign in life!  Every morning look at the mirror and say “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus” “I am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved”.  Walk this life on earth with the mindset of Grace.  Everything has been done for you, by Christ Jesus, and you are in Christ now, and thus you should have your everlasting peace, joy, and love, while you’re walking with Christ Jesus.  Have this Supply mentality, and Lord Jesus will work through you, in you, around you, with you, and for you.  Enjoy the blessed life in Christ Jesus!

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