Grace Pharisee or a Grace Extremist

During the Pharisee era: Every thing had been made into “Laws / commandments”.  Today in this Grace Revolution movements many believers are actually spending useless time trying to separate clearly: which is under Law? & which is under Grace? They do not enjoy the life of Freedom in Christ. Freedom from self occupation, into Christ occupation.

People who live a life of Freedom in Christ walking under Grace, are people who truly enjoy their Christian walk with Lord Jesus Christ.  They are not conscious of the Laws nor SELF, but only Christ conscious; and automatically and unconsciously, they have no problem obeying the Laws, and they are actually enjoying obeying the Laws in the first place.  For example: The Law of “Thou shall not commit adultery” : because of the overflowing Love of Christ Jesus in their heart, they truly Love their wife and treasure family commitment, and refuse to commit this wicked act against Father God; and thus they have no problem in rejecting any temptation of sexual immorality & adultery that comes along their walk of life.

What has been the root under Law, now becomes the Fruits effortlessly, the obedience to the Law has now become automatically and enjoy fully.

It is not important what I said, nor what any Theologians says, but what the Bible said ? Is it true that the New Covenant of Grace is no longer regarding any Laws / Commandments?   Apparently not so! There are still 4 commandments clearly stated that every New Covenant non-Jews believers (gentiles) must still follow.

In the New Testament book of the New Covenant of Grace, in the book of Act Chp.25, the Jerusalem counsels (Jerusalem Assembly) which was the highest body, led by all the first line of 12 apostles like Paul, Peter, James, John, etc), were meeting in Jerusalem at the first church shepherd by senior pastor James (the half-brother of Jesus, and the church of ex- 3000 people who were initially saved earlier in Act 2:41 by Peter’s preaching), has decided to do away with all the Laws, except these 4 commandments which are still applicable.

Act 21:25  But concerning the Gentiles who believe, we have written and decided that they should observe no such thing, except that (1) they should keep themselves from things offered to idols, (2) from blood, (3) from things strangled, and (4) from sexual immorality.”

Why only these 4 ?
These Commandments have been in existence and applicable even before the 10th Commandments were given @Mt. Sinai, and during the Moses’ Laws period, as well as after Jesus died on the cross / the dispensation of Grace period @today.  And, I think there are certain spiritually bad consequences which are unseen by our naked eyes, that God loves us so much so that He did not want us to suffer those bad consequences.  Is it okay to disobey under grace? Yes, certainly you will still go to heaven when you die; you’d still be able to choose to disobey, but you cannot choose not to accept the bad consequences that come with your bad choices.

Let’s just say: “Forget the rest of the Laws but just remember these 4 commandments and you will be well to do… Farewell beloved of God”


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