Grace and Jesus

Grace and the one who came and gave us Grace, i.e. Jesus Christ, is one and inseparable (John 1:17). Have you asked a question lately? what or who did your fix your eyes onto? Grace or Jesus?

A Father has two sons, namely: Genius & Hearty. He loved them both equally, and one day said: “Sons, both of you are always with me, and all that I have is yours; when I die, I will give whatever wealth you can see here, 50% – 50% to each of you”.

Genius was so happy, and started calculating the future value of investments that he will be able to generate out of the inheritances. While, Hearty did not care what inheritance on paper that he will get, as he wanted his father more than anything. Hearty wants his father’s companion and love.

One day, the father was passing away, in coma. The doctor put him on life support machine which is very costly and could not be sure when he would wake up from the coma, and even if he would, the doctor estimated a short life span thereon. So, now the total wealth to be inherited was at stake to both sons, it could diminish to zero if this condition of coma continued indefinitely.

Genius made a logical explanation, that it is better for the father to pass on in peace as he was old enough and no amount of money could prolong his life. Let the young carry on the living with the money inheritance. But Hearty refused to let the father die, even if he needs to spend all the money inheritance for just one day of life, he would do it. Furthermore, those were not his own money, but the father’s wealth. Even, one more day to commune with the father would worth everything in his life.

So, Genius suggested splitting the money inheritance where he can keep his 50% for his own, while Hearty can spend his 50% part on sustaining the father’s life. Hearty agreed. The father was in coma but could still hear the conversation, and tears rolled down from his eyes.

Tell the story short, the father suddenly was back in consciousness, and Hearty was so happy to be able to enjoy one more day of his father’s love and companion.

The father spoke: “the wealth I have divided between you was only 10% of all my wealth, I did not want to give you all because I love you both and I do not want money to have you, and too much money may destroy you, and thus I kept the 90% in stock & bond buried forever. But now I know I can safely pass the rest to Hearty and knowing that this huge money inheritance landed in the right heart”.

Likewise, Grace preaching is the Good News of God! Releasing you from all the bondage of Law, there is no more Law to obey, yes! It is indeed the good news, you can do away with all the requirements of the Law, and ALL your past, present and future sins have been redeemed. But, if you receive this merely with your head, you may end up like Genius. Salvation of Heaven may still be yours, but you may not enjoy the total inheritance & live the abundant life that God has in store for His children on earth. Don’t focus on Grace only, but SEEK first the source of Grace, Jesus Christ, who has not only the 10% inheritance but 100% full inheritance for you. Live your life the daily Journey with Jesus, where you can enjoy His Love daily. Each day is a blessed day to know you are not alone, for He walks, loves and cares for you, and you will always end up being at the RIGHT TIME, the RIGHT PLACE, and meeting the RIGHT PEOPLE every day of your life, a care-free life, the true blessed life on earth. I pray this in Jesus’ name.
Head and heart