LOVE gives while FAITH takes

(Heb 11:6) “But without FAITH it is impossible to please God…”  Why is God not pleased if you do not have Faith? Because Faith involves Love, without Faith you would not believe in the Love of God for you.  God wants you to believe that He loves you so much. He has demonstrated His sacrificial Love on the cavalry for you, it has cost God the Passion of His beloved Son, Jesus, for you, and how much more painful it will be when you do not believe in His costly sacrifice?

Faith works by Love and they work hand in hand. Faith is so important for God, because it is so connected to His Love for you, (Gal 5:6  … but faith working through love.)  It is when you really believe that God loves you unconditionally, FAITH suddenly springs up from nowhere & happens effortlessly, and you will walk in great faith. A person who walks in Faith means it is a Revelation of “Lord, I believe You love me!” and this pleases God!

Look at a marriage: If you really love your spouse, you will want your spouse to believe in your love (have faith in you). Without Faith, it is very difficult to live a life together. If one day you hear someone says seeing your husband in the lobby of a hotel. What would you react? Trust him or accuse him of adultery?

Likewise, without faith, how could you perceive the love of God for you?, Furthermore, you cannot tangibly see God, could you? Nor, see His tangible love for you?  Much more, you’ll need FAITH to know and believe in His Love for you. Without Faith you would not be able to PERCEIVE God’s love for you, thus you would not be able to RECEIVE His love for you either. Therefore, It is impossible to please God without Faith.

You cannot receive if you do not perceive His Love. You can see this in a child, Most child will not lie, they like candy & chocolate. Every time, you come with candy & chocolate, they would jump in joy to pick them. But, one day when your child made a mistake and was expecting to be reprimanded by you; now try giving him candy & chocolate, he would not want to receive them, why? Because he thought he was not loved anymore due to the mistake he’d done. But, when you assured him that you’d still love him the same irregardless of his mistakes, I am sure now he will want to receive the candy & chocolate again.

Likewise, if you know & believe, no matter what you did, do or will do, that God still loves you, you will have a Bold Faith to take the goodness of God.  And, Faith is also so important because it causes us also to REST (we saw this in Heb 3:18 + Heb 4:3). Jesus took every beating on the cross so that we can have His full blessings. His punishment becomes our Peace, our Rest, and our possession of prosperity.  Jesus’ payment is our possession.  This year 2015 is the Year of HIS RESTORATION, and being in REST causes you to let God work miraculously in the Restoration process. We are RESTING in everything that Jesus has paid dearly on the cross.

In my previous posting, we learnt that Faith does grow, from having No Faith to Great Faith and Audacious Faith.  The key to grow in faith, is knowing that FAITH is not a feeling, not how you feel, but Faith is a person, His name is Jesus Christ  (Heb 12:2)  We do this BY KEEPING OUR EYES ON JESUS, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.…  Looking unto Jesus, will cause us to grow in our faith. When you see how good Jesus is, how loving and forgiving even though you keep making mistakes, He still Loves you the same, His love and cares for you never ceases, Jesus is the same 2000 years ago, now and forever; then suddenly your faith will spring up.

Faith does not come from you, it is by the Grace of God.  You do not build up your own Faith, but God will deposit the necessary Faith into you, God see your faith, simply when you know and believe His Great LOVE for you, when you look to the Love & Grace of Jesus. WHEN YOU SEE HIS LOVE, HE SEES YOUR FAITH.

Now, the Bible also teaches us the very practical way of walking by Faith. It is simply speaking it out irregardless of what you feel or how you feel your Faith level is. Keep speaking what you want to see, NOT what you see. When you keep speaking it, Faith will have His way out from you, because it was not you who raised the Faith, but it was the Lord. Your part is to speak, and God will do the Rest.

2Cor 4:13  And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I BELIEVED AND THEREFORE I SPOKE,” we also believe and therefore speak,
2Cor 4:14  knowing that HE who raised up the Lord Jesus will also raise us up with Jesus, and will present us with you.

Start speaking out your Faith today: “I am God’s beloved! ; I am the disciple whom Jesus loves”.

Faith works by love

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