Prosperity Gospel

There is no Prosperity Gospel, but we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the Good News that when we embrace the Gospel, and believe in it, then it will produce prosperity in every areas of our life, like peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, Health, and including material blessings of money. Thus, The Gospel always produces Prosperity in your life.

I am against selfish prosperity teaching being preached, that is prosperity being used to enrich the preacher alone and let other people be deprived. I am against telling people that if you give this amount then God will give you 100 times more…etc. This is wrong and not in line with the Gospel. But I am for telling the truth about the Good News of Jesus Christ, I want the people who hear the Gospel enjoy the fruits of overall prosperity in life. And as the people prosper, so will the church be. This should be the mission of every Pastor and Preacher of the New Covenant of Grace.

Jesus has done it all on the cross, He took all the bad so that we can receive all His good. ALL for us to receive without any conditions attached, while we were still sinners in our sins, while we were still grudging, selfish,and NOT a generous giver; He has given us first His Grace. Look at this verse:

2Cor 8:9  For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.

No way can this be spiritualized, this is not spiritual blessing, but the whole context of 2 Corinthians chapter 8 & 9 are about money / material blessings / about giving.

The only time Jesus became poor was at the cross. He was born in the poor family, but even as a baby He had so much Grace that He attracted Gold & Silver, and frankincense, and myrrh that many wise men brought to baby Jesus, which was very expensive in those days in the Middle East.

Gold and silver (value system) comes to someone with Grace. Strip a person like Joseph and sell him only with his underwear in the slave market, and all he had was Grace (Gen 39:2  The LORD was with Joseph, and he was A SUCCESSFUL MAN…) and when he has Grace he has Favor, and everything else would come to him and before you knew it, he became the second most powerful man in Egypt. Yet his heart was not with all these material prosperity, but was in blessing of his brothers, was with saving the mankind.

Even you have nothing, it all starts with Grace, and Grace will bring you everything.

Those disputing prosperity teaching; Gospel is not about prosperity teaching, but these are true bible teachings. This Joseph story is not a fiction story, but indeed it did happen in the bible. God is the same God, Yesterday today and in the times to come, If He did it to Joseph, He can do it to you too. The Lord delights in the Prosperity of His people (Psalm 35:27) God loves to see you prosper! What you need is just believe! and you shall have what you believe.

The Lord delight in the prosperity of His people

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