Walking with God

‘God wants a Relationship’ – We heard this word much too often, but have we paused and think what it really means? We normally expect God to show up in our life in the form of miracles or big revelation or ‘an encounter of the third kind’ the boom! and big bang!, all of which are some sort of bizarre events. Yes, He is a Big God, He can do all these anytime, and He is still in this business of miracles, but it is not the main personification of God walking with us.

We can see God the Father through the person of Jesus, who dwelled among us, lived together with His twelve disciples. Woke up together in the morning, what to eat – what to wear daily, and all the Nitty-gritty of daily living. Although the bible did not record these daily things, but we are surely certain that these things did happen every day. In fact. those miraculous events, like healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons, as recorded in the bible, happened as exceptional events, in conjunction with, out of, and while performing His daily routine activities and walking with His followers during His 3.5 years on earth.

The bulk of the activities and the untold stories between Lord Jesus and His disciples, were much just like our daily activities with our spouse and children. The daily routine and mundane lives, such as sleeping under one roof, waking up in the morning, preparing breakfast, having incomes to sustain daily necessities, paying for food and home necessities, and sharing other life challenges and difficulties over dinner table. All these amount to building a relationship. And, these are the relationship we are having right now, with the same Jesus. The difference is that: then-time during Peter, James and John they had it by sight but Now we are having it by Faith (2Cor 5:7), we are seeing Jesus from the diaries He left behind for us – the Bible, we can experience the same walks like what the disciples had through reading and listening about Him in the bilbe. And, it is more blessed to walk by faith than by sight. Joh 20:29 Jesus said to him, “…. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Indeed, the largest event we had in our life is our first encounter to know Jesus. You may think it is small, but believe me that is the biggest and best miracle that ever happened to you. Because that is the moment you have placed your entire life into the hand of the ONE who is all Powerful, all Knowing, and all Presence. And that means from that day onward you’ll have nothing to worry any more, nothing to fear in this life or the life after. He will take care all things for you, in you, and through you. The central gravity of your life has just switched from you to HIM. His goodness and mercy is now following you for the rest of your life. That is amazing Grace!

This revelation may not happened on the first day you know about Jesus, although you may think you know Him. Like many couples – their love did not happen as ‘love at the first sight’. But, as you walk long enough with Jesus, one day you realize the width, the length, the depth and the height, of His magnificent Love towards you. That is truly the miracle that even a Christian who had walked years and yet not knowing Jesus as the God of Grace.

The God of Grace is walking with me even when I am not aware of Him. In my daily plowing of the land I work to earn a living, He is walking with me and guiding me and assisting me solving my daily problems and challenges. In my ups-and-downs in my daily mundane activities, in my relationship with my children and wife, and with other people; the Lord is still with me, His rod protects me and His staff comforts me on the hard parts of life, and this will make me a stronger and better person. On the good parts of life, He rejoices with me. All these together are making me closer and closer to my Lord Jesus, one day at a time, one thing at a time, a bite size every time. Just like how God gives the earth rains, a little at a time. Not too little – nor too much to flood, but a size that the earth can take and flourish. A size that we can bite and chew, till we grow with Him.

With a Hearing Heart, He leads me. Day by day I know Him a little better, and slowly becoming more and more like Him.

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Looking at Self – True story of an ex-Convict

When I was eating at a foot court, a person who was selling key chains came up to me, and introduced as a new church member, and asked me some questions about my sermons, like how to pray in tongue, what it means by certain words of my sermons, etc.  In the conversation, he also told me a story of his past, that he was an ex-Convict, just released out of Prison recently, and since then he found it hard to find employment out there because of his tainted background therefore he is temporarily selling key chain right now.

I know this guy is saved and on fire for Jesus, for I could see the radiance on his face.  And he wants to know more and more of Jesus. But he is still could not stop blaming himself of his mistakes in life over drugs, that put him in prison; and that he has disappointed everyone who loves him, he disappointed God, his parents, and his family.  He also felt like a hypocrite, because he still could not get out of his unclean habits like smoking and drinking.  So, he may be an ex-Convict, but he seemed still living like a Convict, being convicted by his bad-self.

I asked him “what is the difference between you and me?” He could not understand what I meant. I continued “there is no difference between you and me but one”

“No difference: for we both were saved by God’s Grace, You entered prison because your mistake was manifested OUTWARDLY, it was found out openly, while many people including me having our mistakes not manifested outwardly but INWARDLY hidden.  We don’t commit murder but we hated someone somewhere before. We don’t commit adultery but we lust in our mind. And if the truth were to be revealed, every one of us in this world including myself would have to go prison because GOD SEE YOUR HEART.”

“Many people look at their GOOD SELF (self righteous), while you look at your BAD SELF; but BOTH ways are still looking at SELF.  And when you look at self, you will be in a downward spiral, you are out to fail, because your Self will definitely disappoint you, not today may be tomorrow.”

“The difference between you and me is only one: you still look at Self, while, I don’t look at Self, but I look to the perfect man: Jesus Christ, who will never disappoint me, who still loves me even in the midst of my imperfection. Everything I see about Jesus is beautiful, and therefore this life will turn beautiful too…;” because as He is, so are we in this world (1John 4:17).

All point to Jesus