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Unlock Redemption’s Blessings In Your Life

Redemption blessings in your life

Discover how you’ve been redeemed to enjoy God’s restoration and provision in every area! In this powerful message of hope by Joseph Prince, find out what a complete and perfect redemption you have in Christ, your most able and willing Kinsman Redeemer. See how, when the best efforts of man failed, Jesus came to redeem you from all that you’ve lost or forfeited in life, and out of all your troubles even when they are of your own making. Get to know Jesus as Redeemer like never before and begin to unlock His redemption’s blessings in your life!




Feed On God’s Word For Your Healing And Success
28 July 2013

Feed on God Word 2013-07-28

How do you experience divine health and good success God’s way? Join Joseph Prince as he shows you how there is nothing more powerful than the Word of God to heal and restore every part of your body, deliver you from every crisis and give you continual good success. Discover how every word in the Bible is living and God-inspired, and how turning to the written Word was always Jesus’ answer to the enemy’s temptations and challenges. Be inspired to get into God’s Word like never before and see it reach, heal, save and transform every area of your life for His glory!

Video Clip introduction 8 min:

Full Sermon in MP3: 


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