Kadesh-Barnea – (קָדֵשׁ בַּרְנֵעַ)

Kadesh-Barnea is a crucial place, it has spiritual meaning as well as historical value. It is the junction of making crucial decision where we Christian believers have arrived in 2016.

In Bible (Leviticus 25:8-12) : 7 years represent a complete cycle. And after completing a complete 7 times 7 years of completion = full completion of 49 years, the following year is the Year of Jubilee. We are in that Jubilee year right now. Coincidentally, Singapore is also celebrating its 50th Years of Independence and has called it Jubilee year as well. Thus, this is the year of a New Today. Everything is reset to a New beginning.  God commanded that “In this year of Jubilee each of you shall return to possess your POSSESSIONS” (Lev 25:13) and the prisoners and slaves could be set free. Another, coincidence is that Pastor Joseph Prince, the Leading Voice of Grace Gospel in the world today, has set 2016 as THE YEAR OF POSSESSING OUR POSSESSIONS, where our feet have stepped on the the crucial point called Kadesh-Barnea. a Life & Death point of decision making.

Historically, something happened at this place where Moses led the people of God who had chosen a decision based on their Moral Condition, which caused them to lose their opportunity to reach the Promised Land before their eyes, a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey or the place of abundance and Rest; instead they ended up Wondering-Wandering needlessly for another 38 years, literally wondered nowhere round and round, until finally they came back again at the same spot of Kadesh-Barnea 38 years later, and again God gave them a second chance to decide. And this time under the Leadership of Caleb and Joshua, finally they made the right decision and entered the Promised Land, but unfortunately only the second generation had this opportunity, as those first generation who chose the wrong decision in the first place had all died quietly, sadly and buried in the wilderness of the Paran desert, a place of spiritual darkness, no joyfulness and only lacks.

The world will not get better in this 2016, but will get worse and worse, more and more berserk, with Blood shed, Catastrophe and Tragedy happenings. Knowing this, What are you going to do about it?  Ps. Joseph Prince said for those who wants a deeper revelation, need to study the Hebrew word of Kadesh-Barnea, which I did!  But before I showed you the Hebrew study of Kadesh-Barnea, let us see what is that “decision based on Moral Condition” that the people of God had chosen at Kadesh-Barnea?

In the first 2 years out of Egypt and walking with God, the people of God had tasted the goodness of God. They already witnessed with their eye-balls and experienced with their family, how good God looked after and provided for them always at the right time. Coming out of Egypt, is a picture of coming out of the Prison of slavery and bondage. They were toiling hard laborious jobs in Egypt.

During their initial walk, God had shown over and over again, that He provided for them with signs, wonders and miracles. Their provisions were always on time delivered to their door-steps, and although they lived their life not perfect, as they still fell into mistakes and sins, and yet God faithfully provided everything for them by His Grace. They may have failed God but God never failed them as long as they trusted in God’s goodness.

Likewise, Remember your time, the journey you were walking spiritually with God? When you trusted in His provision and When you needed food and money, God provided you with more than enough provisions. When you needed a job, He provided you with a good Position, not just a job, but a position of influence and commanded good salary for your whole household. Remember, your children, God raise them and teach them, that they always excel in schools and universities. God lead your life when you let Him lead. When you lead your life, it’ll always be BAD, but when He leads, it will always be GOOD.

But at Kadesh-Barnea the people of God were overwhelmed by the events of the surroundings. Enemies are always working to steal, kill and destroy. Just like what we are going to see in 2016. The overwhelming challenging events will be exactly what the Devils want us to see and embrace fear within us. In fear, we will decide to follow the solution of the world. Look for more money is the solution of the world for their fear and insecurity. They want to see the tangible provision with their eyes, so the world solution is working more hours to get money. But God’s Heavenly solution is only spending time with Him, walking with Him with whatever little you have in hand right now. Spending more hours toiling for food is going to eat up your precious time with God, you will age faster and ultimately waste your life. I know your doubt and you’ll say that spending times with God will not result in any money!? – Is that true? – Can God make it rain money on tree? Yes. – Can God use whatever little fish & bread you have in hands right now and multiply it to feed 5000 men with 12 basket full savings? Yes. – Can He provide you? Yes, He is the God of Provision, remember the good times you had with Him in the past?

God’s interest is not for you to spend more time with the world, but with Him. He longs for your company. Human natural interest is in the worldly stuff, but God’s interest is in your Spiritual growth.  None of your name titles, position and gold will you bring to Heaven when you see Him face to face.

Studying from the root word of Kadesh-Barnea in Hebrew:

Barnea means, desert of wandering. And Kadesh has two very differing meanings:

The root קדש (qadash) yields a small cluster of words that all have to do with holiness, coincides with one-ness, wholeness and life. We are the generation of Holy People, separated by the blood of Jesus, saved by Grace through Faith. The opposite of Holiness is not sin nor unrighteousness but commonness or common (חלל, halal). The world is a place of commonness where money, lies, sex, and profanity are their gods. The verb (halal) means to be profane or common / to pierce or puncture fatally.

Other root’s derivations to the meaning:
The masculine noun קדש (qadesh), denoting a male temple prostitute (Job 36:14, 1 Kings 14:24), and:
The feminine equivalent קדשה (qadesha), denoting a female religious prostitute (Deuteronomy 23:17). It’s these two words that make linguist wonder about the ultimate meaning of this root; whether it denotes HOLINESS or the otherwise meaning?

Prostitution of any kind is condemned in the Bible, but here at Abarim Publications surmise that these particular “holy” prostitutes were a common part of Canaanite fertility cults rather than one of mere sexual pleasure. In other words: the function of these people was to allow pregnancy if, for some reason, marital circumstances prohibited it like a modern sperm bank or surrogate mother. Most famously, the widowed Tamar dressed up as one of these “holy” prostitutes with the express intent of becoming pregnant (Genesis 38:21).

We are Holy People redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. We can possess all our possessions this year just by His faith through His Grace. Alternatively, we can choose to disbelieve this and instead, prostitute ourselves in a holy manner. Like some terrorists killed innocent people in the name of ‘God’. Can we also be misled to think that we do certain things for God while in fact we do it to cover up our own selfishness, insecurity or other worldly Moral Conditions?. The answer is found whether in effect, many years from now, are you still wandering in the same place at Barnea? or did you go UP to Canaan the promised land of Rest? Don’t worry, you won’t lose your eternal salvation, you will still go to heaven one day, but meanwhile you will waste you time & life at desert Barnea, you will lose the Joy of walking with God, you will lose the wonderful gifts and rewards on earth that come only by walking with Him.

Possessing our Possessions 2016